11.8 Million Brazilians Are Illiterate; Rate Among Blacks Is Double the Rate Among Whites

JARDIM GRAMACHO, BRAZIL - DECEMBER 09: A girl walks through a portion of the Jardim Gramacho waste disposal site on December 9, 2009 in Jardim Gramacho, Brazil. Referred to as the largest open-air landfill in Latin America, the waste disposal site of Jardim Gramacho proesses up to 9,000 pounds of trash daily from Rio de Janerio. The landfill provides a livelihood for over 1000 trash pickers who make an average daily wage of $20 separating the trash from paper, cans and plastics that are then sold as recyclables. Gramacho opened in 1978 and is said to have reached its trash capacity years ago. The landfill is currently set to close in 2012 to avert an environmental disaster but jeopardizing the work of the 1,300 trash pickers left who have few other employment options.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

According to FOLHA DE S.PAULO

According to statistics released on Thursday (the 21st) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the number of illiterates in Brazil last year was 11.8 million.

The figure represents 7.2% of Brazilians who are 15 or older. The rate among blacks or people of mixed race was 9.9%, more than twice the rate when compared to whites (4.2%).

The statistics were collected for the education section of the Pnad household survey which is conducted throughout the entire country.

The institute has collected new data and expanded its coverage with regard to previous studies on illiteracy. A comparative analysis has yet to be released.

The unprecedented inclusion of a racial parameter led to findings demonstrating that in Brazil whites have more access to education than blacks. The study also identified a correlation between age and illiteracy.