Alton Sterling: Killed While Trying To Make An Honest Living

According to AtlantaBlackStar

Recent Twitter video shows Baton Rouge police brutalizing, tackling, and then shooting a 37-year-old Black CD salesman during an arrest Tuesday morning outside a convenience store.

According to The Advocate, the CD salesman has been identified as Alton Sterling. At midnight Tuesday, Baton Rouge police responded to an anonymous tip claiming that Sterling was allegedly pointing a gun at someone in front of the Triple S Food Mart convenience store.

In the video taken by Twitter user DJ Chris Major, two officers are wrestling with the Sterling in an attempt to make an arrest. They aggressively toss the man on the hood of a silver sedan and then flingss the man to the pavement.

“He’s got a gun! Gun,” an officer can be heard yelling.

“You f—-g move, I swear to God,” says the same officer. Then there are multiple shots as the camera pans down.

Shop owner Abdullah Muflahi said that the officer claimed that Sterling was reaching for a gun but that was not the case.

“His hand was nowhere (near) his pocket,” Muflahi said.

After shooting Sterling, an officer reached into the CD salesman’s pocket and retrieved a handgun, the shop owner claims.

He was just trying to make an honest living to put a little food on the table for the fam and he gets killed in the process.

He could have given his life to selling dope, breaking into people’s cars or houses, robbing folks or even holding up stores.

Instead, he chose a cleaner path that didn’t hurt anybody and in the end, he was still killed like a common thug or murderer.

Black people as a race again have to ask ourselves, when will it end? When is enough, enough? Begging to be treated like a human and not like a rabid animal seems to only make racist people even more angry; We are told we can’t protest about it, we can’t speak about it, we are even told to forget about it. How can we forget about it when it is brought to our attention every single day?