Laughing At Liberals Journalists Harass Black Workshop

The Devil Is Always Lurking

“If you’re white and you defend Donald Trump at a Black Panthers ‘self-defense’ training workshop at Portland Community College, you’ll get kicked out,” Laughing at Liberals wrote. ” And if you have a camera, they will surround you and tell you that just your presence is ‘hurting people’. They will call campus security and try to get you tossed.”

The Gateway Pundit reported about what happened to the camera guy when they returned to find out why the white person was ejected.

What followed were several of the nearby participants being alarmed by the return of the evil Trump woman, and they placed a call to campus police. As campus police were en route, they noticed the camera and began to take issue with the recording of the events. Campus police arrived, and explained to the hosts, several of which were wearing “Black Love Is Black Power” shirts, that they could not eject anyone from the area who was not being disruptive, as it is a public area.

Now in the video, you see these clowns, “Laughing At Liberals” harassing these black people doing their own thing.

They aren’t being disruptive, they aren’t planning to hurt anybody and even allowed whites in, sadly, that led to people being disruptive.

Why? Because someone said Donald Trump was racist. All the old woman had to do was listen but nope, as usual, our white brothers and sisters had to point out some bomb dropping details…


“But wait a minute, I’ve seen black people speaking at Trump events.”

It’s like damn, we know we have sellouts in our race, everybody does. This is the equivalent of saying, “all my friends are black”. At a workshop about empowering blacks in a world where a white supremacist system has been put in place to keep them oppressed.

It’s a huge contradiction. Why even come to the event if your only purpose was to insert your own viewpoint into everything? You simply empower white supremacy by doing this, not only that but what was up with the “Laugh At Liberals” being there in the first place? Ask yourself, if you are against liberals, why are you going to Black Workshops? Because your real message is “Laugh at blacks”.

You’re bringing an aura of negativity which is the biggest factor here. Listen, blacks don’t mind whites listening to them speak, that’s cool, so you’re down with stopping black oppression right on! The problem starts when you want to throw in questions that are really simple to figure out if your skin was black.

That’s the problem with the white supremacy system, it’s so hard to explain, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist, it’s based perceptually on the fact of your skin, but what many fail to realize is that it has nothing to do with skin anymore. The system has advanced into a invisible system where all walks of life can participate in buffing it even further.

A great example would be, in the slave house, you had the field negro and the house negro, the field negro would work in the fields and every now and then he would try and escape, but the house negro, they would tell on the field negro.

So, to my white readers,

You see, saying Donald Trump had black people at his events in noway shape or form speaks for all black people neither their movements, ideas, wants or even needs. It does not in someway undo slavery, genocide, rape, torture, separation from culture or the on going oppression within black communities world wide. When you try to push the idea that it does, you are promoting white supremacy. Please stop contradicting yourself. Either you want an educated, empowered and strong black race or you want savages with no intellect to control. That’s the bottom line, you can’t have it both ways.

P.S. to Laugh At Liberals

I even added your video directly so you get the views you so badly need, that you would try to spin and ignore the ignorance of this story.




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