5G Is the Precursor to the RFID Chip

Many will tell you that 5g is bad because it causes brain cancer and mutates the DNA of the human body. That’s just one the smallest bad point of 5g being rolled out.

The other most important point is that 5G is being pushed because Edom wishes to create a network that interacts with anything that receives EMF waves. They want to make sure that their RFID chips are able to connect to a infrastructure that is seemless and not bound controlled.

This is why they spray the chemtrails in the air, it’s full of nanobots and metals that will eventually cover the entire earth and make it so even if you try and hide in a basement bunker, they’ll be able to pinpoint your location.

How would this work? Simple, the nanobot debriefs would inter air duct systems, nooks, and crannies and eventually end up all over the face of the earth. The human body naturally emits forms of electricity (scientist recently realized that melanin conducts electricity) and boom, you got your self a worldwide tracker for darkies, not just the Israelites, but pretty much all the original heathen nations living on the planet. This is the last hoorah of Edom.

Soon we will witness the madness of the Red Hebrew Israelite. The madness that can’t be stopped, even when all odds are placed against him, he shall push forward for it is his God given duty that he bring hell upon this earth. To show us what happens when man leads and Yahawah becomes just a figment of the imagination.


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