In the 1960’s Black Voters Had To Take This Test

According to Black Then

In the 1960’s blacks were still fighting to be treated equally all across America. The right to be considered a human being has been something that black folks in America have been protesting and fighting for-for centuries.

Even when blacks made small successful advancements, they were made null by petty and almost crude humor advancements from groups and organizations of people that simply wanted to keep them oppressed.

An example of these petty actions is the 1960’s literacy test that many people today might not be able to pass.


Above is a scanned picture that shows how ridiculous this test actually was. Not even sure what some of the questions are asking the participant to do. This is what many people today refer to as micro-aggression, instead of just letting black people exist, silly tactics like the one above are used in order to remind black folks that anything that they accomplish towards becoming equally represented and treated within America, can have yet another system placed on top of it.

Do you think you would have been able to solve it? (Click Here For Answer Key)