Black California family shocked by arson attempt, spray-painted swastikas and racial slurs

According to NY Daily News

A panicked family of seven bolted out of their California home early Wednesday as somebody tried to torch the two-story home with Molotov cocktails after spray-painting racist slurs across its facade, police said.

Roshon Williams was rousted awake by her 28-year-old daughter who screamed, “Mom, the house is on fire,” around 3:15 a.m., according to NBC Bay Area.

Williams grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed out the backdoor of her Antioch home with her family.

That’s when they noticed the vandalism.

Somebody had graffitied “N——” and a swastika in blue spray-paint across the windows and a door.

Williams managed to put out most of the flames before firemen arrived.

Investigators later determined somebody had placed three Molotov cocktails outside the house in an attempt to burn down the structure and trap the family inside.