Bristol police taser their own black race relations adviser after mistaking him for wanted man

Race-relations worker tasered after being wrongly identified a...

Police have tasered a 63 year old race-relations worker after wrongly believing he was a wanted man. Grandfather Judah Adunbi was tasered by police after refusing to give his name when they confronted him - and asked him if he was someone else. The footage, obtained exclusively by ITV News, shows the taser hit Mr Adunbi in the face:

Posted by ITV News West Country on Thursday, January 19, 2017

According to INDEPENDENT

An investigation has been launched after police in Bristol tasered a leading race relations advocate.

Judah Adunbi, 63, was a founding member of the city’s Independent Advisory Group, which works to improve ties between the police and ethnic minority communities.

He was tasered after apparently being mistaken for a wanted suspect by two police officers.

The incident was captured on video by a neighbour. It showed two police officers attempting to stop Mr Adunbi in the street.

Mr Adunbi refused to give the officers his name and became involved in a tussle, resulting in the use of the taser.

“I felt that was it,” Mr Adunbi later told ITV news. “Because of the way I fell back. The way I fell backward on the back of my head. I was just paralysed. I thought that was it. I thought they were taking my life.”

He added that the incident made him feel “humiliated” and said the police should have been more “polite” in approaching him and asking him questions. Instead, the officers were “accusing” him, Mr Adunbi said.