Wake up so called “African Americans”  you are the children of the prophets.  Your people came from the tribe of Judah when they were sold into slavery out of Africa.  The Lord is going to awaken us to this truth, you were enslaved, killed, beaten, tortured, decapitated and now we are being shot like dogs and jailed.  Which ever ways they could not kill and oppress you, they resorted to genocide through the medical field.  Wake up to your true identity!!!!  The white Jews in Israel are fake!!!   The are not the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they are imposters!!!  The are from Kazaria, mostly Poland and Russia. Many blacks whose ancestors were brought here to the Americas, West Indies, Haiti and other places were of the bloodline of the Hebrews of the Bible.  They have lied to us and the whole world!!!!!  The history they taught us is false.

Read these Scriptures: Deut. 28:16, Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9… There are many more pertaining to your bloodline.. they whitewashed all the pictures and portrayed our people as white.. they have brainwashed up, wake up!!!! … This is why they hate us so much… these current Jews rule the world, they are wicked, wicked people in a great sense for the forgery, falsehood, cover-ups and murder  they commit!!!… May God help us!!!


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