North Korea Completes Missile Program (WW3)


According to Bloomberg

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his regime completed its nuclear program after firing a missile that put the entire U.S. in range.

North Korea “successfully” launched a new Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile with improved technology, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday. Kim watched the test and “declared with pride that now we have finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force,” KCNA said.

The pronouncement, yet to be verified independently, signals that North Korea is entering a new phase in its quest for the capability to strike the U.S. with a nuclear weapon, which Kim says is necessary to deter an American invasion. President Donald Trump has threatened to use military force to stop him.

Trump struck a more measured tone after the launch compared with previous threats to unleash “fire and fury,” telling reporters that “we will take care of that situation.” The United Nations Security Council, which has imposed stringent sanctions on North Korea this year, plans to discuss the latest test on Wednesday in New York.

“North Korea is saying the U.S. should acknowledge it as a nuclear state and shift its policy to dialogue,” said Koh Yu-hwan, who teaches North Korean studies at Dongguk University in Seoul. “Pyongyang’s following the Chinese model: obtain nuclear weapons and suggest co-existence to the U.S.”

This was Donald Trumps Response to the act:


Then right after, China decides to do the one thing that Trump has been asking them to do. Which is place actual sanctions on North Korea. Mind you, coal is their LARGEST export.

According to Independent

China has announced it is suspending all coal imports from North Korea until the end of the year in a move which will deal a major financial blow to the Pyongyang regime.

The surprise announcement by the Chinese Commerce Ministry is a sign of Beijing’s increasing reluctance to prop up the North Korean regime if it carries out further nuclear tests.

Coal is North Korea’s largest export item and it is believed to have been dependent on China for trade and aid since its economy collapsed in the late 1990s.

The Commerce Ministry said the move was China fulfilling its obligation to implement last November’s UN Security Council resolution to impose further economic sanctions on Pyongyang after it detonated its fifth nuclear test of 2016.

Beijing has historically been more reluctant to impose sanctions on North Korea than other world powers because it is concerned about a power vacuum on its southern border if the regime is allowed to fail.

Previously China had agreed to partially restricted North Korea coal imports – saying it would make an exception for deliveries intended for the “people’s well-being” which were not connect to Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

But the day after the test of an intermediate-range ballistic missile last week it rejected a coal shipment from the Hermit Kingdom said to be worth around $1m (£805,000).

We need to be prepared for dark times but through the power of Yahawah wa Yahawashi we will get through this.

So we have an almost colonized country that never sold out and has been pushed to hell and back because of it now finally achieving nuclear power.

Half way across the world we have a prideful leader in a country that would get a maybe a C+ on it’s current state of mind when compared to previous years.

Keep to the signs because a lot of people are blind.

If we look at history, this country has already gone through something like this before.

The North Korean Famine

The famine stemmed from a variety of factors. Economic mismanagement and the loss of Soviet support caused food production and imports to decline rapidly. A series of floods and droughts exacerbated the crisis. The North Korean government and its centrally planned system proved too inflexible to effectively curtail the disaster.[5][6] Estimates of the death toll vary widely. Out of a total population of approximately 22 million, somewhere between 240,000 and 3,500,000 North Koreans died from starvation or hunger-related illnesses, with the deaths peaking in 1997.[7][8] A 2011 U.S. Census Bureau report put the likely number of excess deaths during 1993 to 2000 at from 500,000 to 600,000.[9]

These people don’t have any intentions of letting that happen again.

Revelation 12:12

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

To top it off Iran vs Israel/Saudi Arabia is a go.


One of Iran’s top military commanders has said the Islamic Republic will intervene in any future conflict between Israel and its paramilitary ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

Mohammed Ali Jafri, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said it was clear Lebanon was Israel’s primary focus and as such Iran and its network of proxy forces would unite to intervene against an attack.

“It is a proven claim that today we say any new war will lead to the eradication of the Zionist regime,” Jafri said, according to the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars.

Through the spirit I feel that the last woe will happen something like this:

US & North Korea get into conflict, Israel/Saudi Arabia use this conflict as a distraction to start war with Iran. Russia and China go to back up Iran against Israel and Saudi Arabia. India backs up Israel and goes to war with China to pull resources away from middle eastern conflict and the European Union flips on the United States. Meanwhile a global mental civil war looms due to racial conflict I.E. race/class wars. Every country not mentioned will side with either the European Political Zionist (Countries like U.S./Israel/Britain) or The Anti-European Political Zionist (Countries like Russia, Iran, semi-China).