Synthetic Babies? UK Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Creating Artificial Sperm, Eggs


According to PJ Media

Last month, British scientists announced a major breakthrough in creating artificial human sperm and egg cells. This development might enable same-sex couples to contribute DNA to create biological children with two fathers or two mothers.

Children are conceived by the fusion of two cells: a sperm cell from the father and an egg cell from the mother. If scientists can create an egg cell in a lab, then one of two homosexual men could contribute his DNA to form an egg. If scientists can create a sperm cell in a lab, then one of two lesbian women could contribute her DNA to form a sperm cell. In this way, homosexuals could become biological parents of a new child, to develop in the womb of a mother or surrogate mother.

Scientists had previously used stem cells to create viable mouse sperm that went on to produce healthy pups. Some have injected immature human germ cells into mice testicles to produce cells resembling sperm, but which failed to fertilize eggs.

“We can’t be absolutely sure that they are really sperm-like cells,” Azim Surani, director of germline and epigenetics research at Cambridge University’s Gurdon Institute, said in remarks at the Progress Educational Trust annual conference last month, The Guardian reported. “There are developmental timers in cells and so you have to let them develop according to their internal timing.”

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