Trans-Pacific trade deal to go ahead without US

According to Financial Times

Japan, Canada and nine other Pacific Rim economies have offered a rebuke to Donald Trump, declaring they had solved their differences and would press on with an expansive new trade deal on the first anniversary of the US president’s withdrawal.

Mr Trump made pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated by the Obama administration one of his first official acts when he took office a year ago, a move that critics have called a strategic gift to China.

But in a sign of how the rest of the world is ready to move on without the US, the 11 remaining countries announced on Tuesday that they would go ahead and sign the agreement in Chile on March 8 after overcoming last-minute objections from Canada.

In an added irony, the announcement came on the same day that Mr Trump was due to sign into law new tariffs on imports of solar cells and washing machines — his first major move to erect trade barriers.

“The decision for all 11 countries to participate is epoch-making for our country and the future of the Asia-Pacific region,” Toshimitsu Motegi, Japan’s economy minister, said on Tuesday following talks by the pact’s chief negotiators in Tokyo.

Not to mention that China has already threatened the United States, we are watching the biggest sanction on any nation unfold. The United States is slowly isolating itself and will actually place one of the largest sanctions in history on itself as the pride of the leaders grow more and more.

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As mentioned before, when all the kids on the playground don’t want to play with America, we will be left with our dicks in our hands.