Donald Trump vows to revise ‘disaster’ South Korea trade deal

According to SCMP

President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to revise a US trade deal with South Korea to secure more favorable terms, while also threatening retaliatory trade sanctions against China.

“The Korea deal was a disaster,” Trump told reporters as he hosted a White House meeting on trade, vowing the United States would negotiate a “fair deal” or scrap it altogether.

Charging that the US steel and aluminum industries were being “decimated” by dumping, Trump said he was also mulling trade sanctions against China, and was “considering all options” including tariffs.

Trump’s comments came a day after he singled out South Korea and China, along with Japan, over their trade surpluses with the United States, accusing them of “getting away with murder.”

Again we see that the economic crash is right around the corner (third horse).

With the stock market going up and down it is clear that Trump’s trading skills are horrible.

He’s already allowed us to lose out on the TPP

He’s pissing off Mexico and Canada on the NAFTA Deal

Certain countries are pissed Trump placed sanctions on their products and are suing

Now he’s trying to rework a trade deal with South Korea.

This will only boost the notion that the United States is a bully pushed by Kim Jung Un

Which means the south will begin to look at the whole North Korea vs South Korea thing differently.

These are our biggest trade avenues and without them America is finished economically.

In the end Trump will have placed a global sanction on the United States by his own actions.