Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas

According to Oil Price

It finally happened…

In accordance with an energy cooperation framework agreement signed in late January, Russia will have exclusive rights to produce oil and gas in Syria.

The agreement goes significantly beyond that, stipulating the modalities of the rehabilitation of damaged rigs and infrastructure, energy advisory support, and training a new generation of Syrian oilmen. Still, the main international aspect and the key piece of this move is the final and unconditional consolidation of Russian interests in the Middle East.

Before the onset of the blood-drenched Civil War, Syrian oil production wavered around 380,000 barrels per day. It has declined for some time then, since its all-time peak production rate of 677,000 barrels per day in 2002. Although the Islamic State was allegedly driven underground, the current output still stands at a devastating 14–15,000 barrels per day.

We might see Russia move in on US/Israel because they are stationed on one of the largest oil fields.

In other words, things about to get heated up over in the middle east because this lawfully gives Russia control over Syria’s oil fields via treaty. While the United States does not have that same privilege.

This will mean US/Israel will have to move out or face war. The diplomatic way of saying get the fuck out.

With both Trump & Netanyahu facing some of form of investigation, will they attempt a cornered animal attack?

Time will tell.