South Africa’s new president wants to take stolen land back

According to Business Insider

If you’ve been following much international news, you’ve probably heard that, after literally years of scandal, abuse, and incompetence, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was finally forced to resign last week.

This is a big deal for South Africa.

The country has been suffering for nearly a decade under Zuma’s corruption.

And people are certainly hoping that the new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, will represent a positive, new chapter for South Africa.

Yesterday Ramaphosa addressed the nation’s parliament in Cape Town and made clear that his priority is to heal the divisions and injustice of the past, going all the way back to the original European colonists in the 1600s taking land from the indigenous tribes.

Ramaphosa called this “original sin”, and stated that he wants to see “the return of the land to the people from whom it was taken… to heal the divisions of the past.”

How does he plan on doing that?

Confiscation. Specifically– confiscation without compensation.

“The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans.”

We are witnessing the craziest moments of our history. Hamites taking back land from their past colonizers? Someone pinch me. But I guess the ambassador spoken of in the book of Obadiah is doing their job. This will most certainly have some sort of backlash.

As we move on closer to the end, we are seeing these countries takes back what was taken from them. There is no way for those who colonized long ago to hold title to things that they have taken and thus this will happen without a problem.

TPTB are watching everything they built fold and fall like a house of cards so we know they will act soon. That is why we must stay in the spirit and continue to watch these events happen and warn the sheep about it.