Death By Police Is Still On The Rise For Black America


According to NyDailyNews

Much has been said about “the talk” that black families must have with their children on the many ways to avoid police brutality and racial violence in America. Even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor mentioned it in a recent court opinion. Something very much connected to “the talk” is what I will call “the list.”

“The list” is the painfully long number of seemingly benign activities that African-Americans can get killed for in America.

Trayvon Martin was walking home in his own neighborhood with Skittles and an iced tea when he was deemed a threat, confronted and killed.

Rekia Boyd was out walking and joking with friends when a Chicago cop claimed he saw someone with a gun. It was a cell phone. She was killed.

Jordan Davis was listening to loud music in a car with his friends. He was killed.

John Crawford was talking on the cell phone with his girlfriend in the pet food section of Walmart, casually leaning on a fake gun from the store when he was shot and killed.


Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, was playing in a park in his own neighborhood when police shot and killed him within seconds of seeing him.

None them were even breaking the law when they were deemed a threat. It was their blackness, coupled with harmless behaviors that wouldn’t have even gotten them arrested, more or less killed, that cost them their lives. The list of things that might cost you your life if you are black is a long one.

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So when people tell us it’s not important or that we are dividing the races, we have to ask ourselves, do those people really have our best interest at heart?

How can someone witness us being shot down in the streets like dogs and say that we as a people don’t have a reason to question the system? At some point we have to get smarter and understand that we do need to protest the system and not for money but for change.

Change in the dynamics of the the policing system. Like if a area is heavily policed by white cops but the predominant race in the area is black, change needs to happen, plain and simple. We need to be pushing for our own to police our own, that way we can take race out of the equation and start holding people accountable.

Police are there to serve and protect and although many do, there are still many that don’t uphold the righteous cause for the mission they started out doing. As we’ve discussed in previous shared articles, it’s very easy for a police precinct to become corrupt due to good cops being afraid to speak out against bad ones.