Texas woman kept Mexican slaves for 14 years, said they’d go to hell if they disobeyed


According to The Washington Post

Olga Murra warned one of the women she kept as a slave that if the woman disobeyed, immigration officials would come to Texas, kill her and bury her in a field “with other illegal aliens.”

And the punishment wouldn’t stop there.

For 14 years, Murra convinced two women that she was “the voice of God” — even making them listen to recordings of her reading Bible verses as they cleaned houses, sometimes seven days a week, court documents said.

If they didn’t do as she said, Murra convinced the women, they would spend eternity in hell.

Last week, a jury convicted Murra, 64, of two counts of forced labor and two counts of “harboring an illegal alien,” according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The crimes were committed in Fort Worth and El Paso.

When she is sentenced in November, Murra faces 20 years in federal prison for each labor charge and 10 years apiece for the harboring convictions, according to ICE.

Murra made the women sleep on the floor and ask permission to use the bathroom, court documents say.

They could only talk to Murra — not anyone else in the homes where they lived. She only fed them bread and water.

One woman told the FBI that Murra would hit her.

Another said she was allowed to sleep on the floor of a bedroom — but if either woman misbehaved, they were forced to sleep in the garage or the backyard.

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Almost every day, they worked. The women cleaned “on average, three or four homes a day,” according to court documents. They also cleaned Murra’s house and prepared her meals.

All the while, the women were turning their money over to Murra from cleaning houses.

Figures this type of shit would still be happening in Texas.