US, Britain, France launch air strikes in Syria


According to The Economic Times

WASHINGTON: US, British and French forces pounded Syria with air strikes early on Saturday in response to a poison gas attack that killed dozens of people last week, in the biggest intervention by Western powers against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

US President Donald Trump announced the military action from the White House late on Friday. As he spoke, explosions rocked Damascus. Trump said he was prepared to sustain the response until Assad’s government stopped its use of chemical weapons.

What’s more interesting is that the targets were chemical plants…

For anyone that doesn’t understand it means in the case that Assad did use chemicals on his people (highly unlikely), all these bombs did was release even more chemicals into the air. That makes the entire operation not only pointless but insane.

In the case that it was all a lie as other side reports and there was no chemical attack at all… there are now chemicals in the air from the bombing and the blame itself would be on US, France and UK.

This is the madness of the so called white man…